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Bar Food - sample menu

Served Tuesday to Saturday: 12.00pm to 9.30pm
Sunday: 12.00pm to 6.30pm

If you have any special dietary requirements
please ask your server, who will be willing to help.


Home Baked Rustic Bread
With butter, olive oil and balsamic. £3.95 Suitable for Vegetarians

Taster of Marinated Olives. £3.95 Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free

Cajun spiced, Sweet Potato Wedges. £3.95 Suitable for Vegetarians

Beer Battered Onion Rings. £3.65 Suitable for Vegetarians

Triple Cooked Hand Cut Chips. £3.95 Suitable for Vegetarians

Chilli Cheese Chips. £4.95


Chef's Soup of the Day
Served with home baked crusty bread. £5.50 Suitable for Vegetarians

BBQ Spare Ribs
Served with homemade slaw. £6.50

Warm Cheese Pot
Pont-l'Évêque French soft cheese, infused with garlic and served warm
with crusty bread, chutney & celery sticks (enough to share). £8.50 Suitable for Vegetarians

Poached Pear and Cheese Salad
Lancashire blue cheese, poached pear, crisp smoky bacon shard,
honey mustard dressing and a walnut crumb. Suitable for Vegetarians (without bacon) Gluten Free £6.50


Pork Pie, homemade Pork Scratchings, bite size Toad Int’Oil,
homemade Bread and Dripping, ham and black pudding Terrine
and Yorkshire beer battered Onion Rings.

Served with garlic mayo, homemade piccalilli and apple sauce.

£6.95 per person


Creamy penne pasta tossed with peas, broad beans and spinach and finished with smoked Richmond cheese and green salad garnish. £12.95 Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free

Sirloin Steak
Served with triple cooked chips, roast tomato, salad and slaw. £21.95

Beef Meatballs
Smothered in tomato sauce and served with garlic rubbed bread. £12.95

Beer Battered Fish and Chips
Served with peas and tartare sauce. £12.95

Steak and Ale Pie
Topped with short crust pastry and served with chips and a side of mushy peas. £8.95

Three Bean Chilli
Served with sour cream and chips. £12.95 Suitable for Vegetarians (Gluten Free ask your server)

Chilli Beef
Served with sour cream and chips. £13.95 (Gluten Free ask your server)

Beef Chilli Nachos
With sour cream and grated cheese. £10.95 Gluten Free

Vegetarian Chilli Nachos
With sour cream and grated cheese. £9.95 Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free

Venison Sausage
Served with creamy mash and red onion jus. £13.95


Trio of Market Vegetables. £3.95
Creamy Mash. £3.95
Triple Cooked Chips. £3.95

Steak Sauces:
Peppercorn. £2.95
Blue Cheese. £2.95
Creamy Mustard. £2.95


Served with a green lentil salad.
All can be made GF by omitting bread and adapting to a salad.

Peppered Sirloin Steak Strips
Topped with a fried egg and served with onion relish
and roast tomato. £10.95

Roasted Vegetables
Courgettes and peppers topped with buffalo mozzarella
and drizzled with basil pesto. £7.95 Suitable for Vegetarians

Sliced Chicken Breast
Served with crispy bacon lardons, shaved parmesan
and peppered croutons. £8.95


Served on toasted brioche bun with chips and homemade slaw.

Beef Burger
On sliced tomato, onion relish and topped with mature cheddar. £11.95Gluten Free Available

Minted Lamb Burger
Topped with yoghurt and cucumber raita. £11.95Gluten Free Available

Triple Bean Burger
Topped with goats cheese, salsa and sliced tomato. £11.95 Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free Available

Extra Toppings £2 each:
Smokey Bacon.
Vegetable Chilli.
Beef Chilli.
Onion Rings.
Blue Cheese.


All served on crusty, ciabatta style bread with green salad and homemade slaw.

Hot Roast Beef
On a layer of red onion relish, served with a jug of rich onion gravy. £8.95

Cheese and Sweet Red Onion
Served cold or warm. £5.95 Suitable for Vegetarians

Grilled Goats cheese and Roasted Vegetable. £6.50 Suitable for Vegetarians


Sticky Toffee Pudding
Served with salted caramel sauce and double cream. £6.50 Suitable for Vegetarians

Summer Pudding
With a sweet fruit centre and served with a vanilla cream. £6.50 Suitable for Vegetarians

Two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream topped with shaved chocolate,
berry coulis, crumbled shortbread and salted caramel sauce. £5.95 Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free Available

Blackberry and Almond Cheesecake
With pistachio crumb and dark berry coulis . £6.50 Suitable for Vegetarians

Chocolate Torte
Rich, velvety torte served with pouring cream and hazelnut crumb. £6.50 Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free


With crackers, homemade chutney, rum soaked raisins and celery sticks.

3 cheeses £7.00
5 cheeses £9.00
7 cheeses £11.00 Suitable for Vegetarians


All served with chips and either salad, beans or peas.

Homemade Chicken Goujons. £5.95

Homemade Fish Fingers. £5.95

Pork Sausage. £5.95

Free Range Fried Egg. £4.95 Suitable for Vegetarians

Buttered Pasta topped with grated cheese. £4.95 Suitable for Vegetarians

Vanilla Ice Cream with sweet biscuit crumb. £3.95 Suitable for Vegetarians


Served every Sunday 10am to 12 noon.

Full English
Bacon, sausage, mushrooms, egg, tomato, beans, toast. £5.80

Eggs, mushrooms, tomato, mushrooms, beans, toast. £4.50 Suitable for Vegetarians

Eggs Benedict
Toasted muffin with bacon shard, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. £5.95

Eggs Florentine
Toasted muffin with spinach, smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. £6.95

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs
Served on buttered toast. £5.95

Bacon £3.95
Sausage £3.95
Fried Egg £ 3.95 Suitable for Vegetarians


£24.95 per couple. Tuesdays from 5pm.
Sirloin Steak, chips and salad plus a small carafe of white or red wine.


Each Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm.

Steak & Ale.
Lamb Hot Pot.
Chicken & Mushroom.
Ham & Leek.
Veggie Pie of the Day.

Shortcrust topped pies, served with either chips or
Cajun sweet potato wedges, a side of mushy peas
and a pint of your choice (except Peroni).

£10.95 per person


All hot drinks are served with a homemade, heart shaped shortbread biscuit.

espresso with added hot water, served black or with hot or cold milk. £2.60

Espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam, cocoa dust.
reg £2.60 lge £4.00

Intense shot of coffee with a layer of crema. Single £2.20. Double £3.00

Caffé Latte
single or double espresso floated on steamed milk. Regular £2.65. Large £3.65

Caffé Mocha
single espresso layered over hot milky chocolate, served tall. £3.25

Hot Chocolate
indulgent chocolate with hot steamed milk, fresh cream, marshmallows and cocoa dust. £3.75

Add even more indulgence to coffee or hot chocolate
with a shot of flavoured syrup:

Chocolate Cookie.


English Breakfast
Earl Grey



Presented on white linen and vintage crockery.
All served with selected teas or filter coffee.

Menu F1
Finger and open sandwiches of egg mayonnaise, chicken and stuffing, smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and cheese with homemade relish. Followed by home baked scone, Chantilly cream and preserve and taster sweet of the day. £11.95

Menu F2
As F1 but with a taster of our homemade soup. £14.95

Menu F3
Make your day sparkle by adding a glass of Prosecco to menu F2. £18.50

Menu G1
Pork pie with relish, homemade pork terrine with piccalilli, mini toad int’ hole, chicken and stuffing finger sandwich and a scattering of scratchings. Followed by home baked scone, Chantilly cream and preserve and taster sweet of the day. £11.95

Menu G2
As G1 but with a taster of our homemade soup. £14.95

Menu G3
Make your day sparkle by adding a glass of Prosecco to menu G2. £18.50

Booking is essential. We can cater for 2 to 62. We can cater for GF customers, vegetarians and vegans. Please state your dietary requirements when making your reservation. A £5 p/p is required to secure all bookings.


Learn how to make the perfect cocktail with The White Heart mixologist!

Welcome glass of fizz on arrival and a chance to learn how
to make a cocktail of your choice. £12.95

Welcome glass of fizz on arrival and a chance to learn how to
make two cocktails of your choice. £16.95

Welcome glass of fizz on arrival and a chance to learn how
to make two cocktails of your choice.
Plus Beef or Vegetarian Chilli Nachos with salsa and sour cream. £19.95

Suitable for Vegetarians = Vegetarian

Gluten Free = Gluten Free

Gluten Free Available = Gluten Free Available

All our food is made fresh in house.

If you have any questions relating to allergies, including gluten free diets,
please do not hesitate to ask. We will aim to accommodate.

Gluten free bread is available, please ask your server.

All our fryers share oil with products containing gluten and therefore cannot be guaranteed gluten free.



The White Heart, Bridge Street, Penistone, South Yorkshire S36 7AH Tel: 01226 762843 Email: info@thewhiteheart.co.uk