Christmas A La Carte Menu


Pornstar Martini
Vodka, Passoa, Passion fruit syrup, lime, egg white,
Prosecco on the side. £7.50

Summer Garden Blossom
Prosecco, Gin, Elderflower cordial, mint,
cucumber, soda, ice. £7.50

Espresso Martini
Original, Vanilla or Gingerbread
Vodka, Kahlua, espresso, sugar syrup. £6.95

Strawberry Clover Club
Gin, Strawberry fraise, egg white, lemon juice. £6.95

White Russian
Vodka, Kahlua, fresh cream, milk, ice. £6.95

Original, Strawberry or Apple
Bacardi, mint, lime juice, sugar syrup, soda, ice. £6.95

Vodka, Triple Sec, lime, Cranberry juice. £6.95


Strawberry Fizz
Strawberry fraise, Cranberry juice, mint, lime, soda, ice. £5.50

Snappy Apple
Apple syrup, Apple juice, mint, lime, soda, ice. £5.50

Virgin Passion Fruit Martini
Passion fruit syrup, fresh Orange juice, soda. £5.50


Bread and Olives £3.95Suitable for Vegetarians

Home Baked Rustic Bread
Served with butter, olive oil and balsamic.£3.95Suitable for Vegetarians


Creamed parsnip and braised white onion soup,
roast chestnut crumb and homemade bread. £5.60Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free Available

Belly Pork
Confit belly pork with black pudding stuffing with garlic and apple puree,
bacon lardons, crispy sage and a red wine reduction. £6.95

Pear Salad
Spiced and poached pear with crumbled Yorkshire blue cheese, apple puree,
crispy onions, red shard and a balsamic syrup finish. £6.50Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free Available

Fig Roll
Puff pastry Christmas log filled with spinach, fig compote,
red onion and crumbled goats cheese. Served with a mixed leaf salad
and a honey mustard dressing. £6.95Suitable for Vegetarians

Crayfish Cocktail
A twist on a classic with crayfish tails, spiced tomato puree, cucumber ribbons,
ciabatta thins, mixed leaf and a lemon vinaigrette. £7.95Gluten Free Available

Locally sourced duck breast with spiced beetroot puree,
charred red onions, crispy bacon and red wine jus. £7.95Gluten Free


All main courses are served with fresh vegetables.

Chicken breast stuffed with apricots and chestnut and served
with a mushroom sauce and sage roasted potatoes. £15.95Gluten Free

Traditional butter basted Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, roast potatoes,
stuffing ball, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce and roasting gravy. £16.95Gluten Free Available

V Wellington
Individual vegetarian wellington filled with sweet potatoes,
wilted spinach, wild mushrooms. Served with parsnip puree
and cheddar mash. £13.95Suitable for Vegetarians

Lamb Henry
Six-hour slow roasted shoulder of lamb served with sage and
onion mash, parsnip crisps and roasting jus. £17.95Gluten Free

Beef Tomato
Stuffed beef tomato filled with seasonal spiced rice and a
mozzarella centre, pesto potatoes and homemade ketchup. £12.95Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free

Holme Farm venison haunch steak, cooked pink and served with
parsnip puree, wilted spinach, pomme anna and red wine jus. £22.95Gluten Free


Fillet Steak
8oz centre cut, served with triple cooked chips,
roast tomato and onion ring. £24.00

Sirloin Steak
Served with triple cooked chips, roast tomato and onion ring. £22.00

Served with triple cooked chips, roast tomato and onion ring. £15.95


Cajun spiced sweet potato wedges.
Triple cooked chips.
Fresh salad.
Creamed whipped sage and onion potatoes.
Fresh veg’.
£3.95 each


Creamy Mustard.
Blue Cheese.
Tangy Cheddar Cheese.
£2.95 each


Sticky Toffee
Homemade sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel sauce
and double cream. £6.60Suitable for Vegetarians

Ice Cream Sundae
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream layered with berry coulis, salted caramel sauce,
crumbled shortbread and chocolate shavings. £5.95Suitable for VegetariansGluten Free Available

Christmas Pudding
Traditional Christmas pudding with homemade brandy sauce. £5.95Gluten Free Available

Homemade meringue nest served with cinnamon and ginger cream,
salted caramel sauce, chopped nuts and chocolate shavings. £6.60

Ginger and lemon cheesecake topped with chocolate curls
and homemade shortbread. £6.60

Cheese Board
Please ask your server for details of our selection.


Espresso Martini
Vodka, Kahlua, espresso, served chilled. £6.95

White Russian
Vodka, Kaluha, fresh cream, served tall over ice. £6.95

Royale 75
Gin, Prosecco, sugar syrup, lemon juice. £6.95

Hennesey XO £8.50
Middleton Irish Whiskey £7.85
Martell £2.85
Delamain XO £8.50


All hot drinks are served with a homemade, heart shaped shortbread biscuit.


Americano/Decaffeinated. Regular £2.60. Large £3.65.
Espresso with added hot water, served black or with hot/cold milk or cream.

Cappuccino. Regular £2.60. Large £3.65.
Espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam, cocoa dust.

Espresso. Single £2.20. Double £3.
Intense shot of coffee with a layer of crema.

Caffé Latte. Regular £2.65. Large £3.65.
Single or double espresso floated on steamed milk.

Caffé Mocha. £3.65.
Single espresso layered over hot milky chocolate, served tall.

Liqueur Coffee. £6.10
Americano coffee with a shot of liqueur, sugar and floating cream.
Irish Whiskey.
Tia Maria.
Grand Marnier.

Indulgent chocolate with hot steamed milk,
fresh cream, marshmallows and cocoa dust.

Add even more indulgence to coffee or hot chocolate
with a shot of flavoured syrup. 50p
Vanilla. Gingerbread. Cinnamon. Spiced Pumpkin. Chocolate Cookie. Caramel.

TEA £2.25
English Breakfast.
Earl Grey.
Green or Camomile.

Suitable for Vegetarians = Vegetarian

Gluten Free = Gluten Free

Gluten Free Available = Gluten Free Available

All our food is made fresh in house.

If you have any questions relating to allergies, including gluten free diets,
please do not hesitate to ask. We will aim to accommodate.
Gluten free bread is available, please ask your server.
All our fryers share oil with products containing gluten and
therefore cannot be guaranteed gluten free.

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